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About Pipe & Buoy

Pipe and Buoy Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive owner of unique and leading UHMWPE Products and Technologies. PBA is capable of manufacturing tube, rod, and sheet. But, uniquely capable of manufacturing piping.

PBA is the only company in the world that has unique and controllable flanging technology for UHMWPE, which in turn results in conformant and consistent flange performance and appearance.

Furthermore, PBA is the only company in the world that has undertaken internal empirical testing on coupling products (such as tooth style or grooved couplings) as well as welded coupling.

Additionally, one of the published benefits of UHMWPE is its smooth mean surface roughness. Everyone takes this for granted, and doesn’t prove it. PBA is the only company in the world that has quantitatively tested surface roughness for their WearPro range. Pump and system curves in the test were created through working systems.

Our facilities are certified as ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, we hold welding accreditation to ASME IX and are capable of running projects that include steel fabrication, which further utilise our own interference fit technology and procedures. PBA products are manufactured in Shandong Province China, and shipped around the world. All aspects of production, other than steel manufacture for lined steel products, are done in-house ensuring a cost effective - and most importantly - quality assured supply chain. PBA and Australian personnel are continuously rotating to ensure all Australian and Western expectations of conformance are met.

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